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As a business owner, you have needs and challenges unique to your business and industry.

You need to know how much to budget for any investment, including marketing.

We create strategies tailored to budgets of all shapes and sizes.


Flat and hourly rates are listed below for popular à la carte services.

For ongoing services, we’ve provided a general idea of factors that impact costs.

Product photo



Photography session (up to 3 hours) resulting in 20 edited photos that you can use for your social media accounts, ad campaigns, or product catalog.


$625 (up to 60 seconds)

Showcase your brand, products, or services on your social channels with attention-grabbing short videos.

Optimal video length and format varies by channel. We'll help you determine the best length and format based on current social media data and industry-standard best practices.

Price includes planning, production, filming, and editing.


$925 (dual camera, up to 4 hours)

Capture your most important moments on video, to remember and share with your family, friends, clients, or audience. We cover concerts, shows, sports, conferences, and presentations.

Price includes filming and editing. We provide a full video and a highlight reel.

Live-stream your event to one platform (single camera) for an additional $275.



This is our base price. Total price depends upon complexity of project, number of revisions, number of colour variations desired, and time spent to complete.

Includes design and delivery of 4 digital variations (typically original design file, print version, web version with solid background, and web version with transparent background).


Price dependent upon scope of work

Content type and frequency varies by industry and size of company. Social Media Management may mean different things to different companies.

Do you need help with creating content AND managing/scheduling it? If so, we will collaborate on concepts to fit your brand vision, and budget accordingly.

Do you have a log of content partially or fully produced, and just need someone to organize and schedule it? If so, you've already done more than half the work, and your cost will be less.

Do you need to outsource your entire marketing department, execute robust campaigns, and measure results and ROI? We provide consultation to help you make the important decisions of what to outsource and what to staff internally.


Price dependent upon size of business and scope of work

If you're not sure what you need, we offer a consultation and quote for services. You can then decide whether to proceed with our services, hire someone else, staff internally, or keep on file for future reference. This is most popular with small businesses who haven't fully delved into digital marketing.

If you're a larger firm that requires in-depth consultation and help making strategic decisions about what to outsource and what to staff internally, we offer strategic consulting. Price varies widely depending on scope of work.

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Photography session (up to 2 hours) resulting in 3-4 edited photos that you can use for your social media profiles, business card, or creative portfolio.

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